Silicone teal Star Beads | High Quality CRAFT SUPPLY | Silicone beads set of 5


Silicone Teal Star Beads | High Quality CRAFT SUPPLY | Silicone beads set of 5

Upgrade your crafting game with this set of high-quality silicone star beads in a beautiful Teal color. Perfect for creating unique and eye-catching designs, these beads are a must-have for any crafting enthusiast.

  • Set of 5 silicone star beads
  • High-quality material
  • Ideal for various crafting projects

Add these versatile and durable star-shaped beads to your collection and let your creativity shine. Whether you’re making jewelry, keychains, or other DIY projects, these stunning light pink stars will add a touch of elegance to any design.

High-quality Teal Star Shaped silicone beads

Enhance your jewelry collection with these stunning star beads made from high-quality silicone.

  • Eye-catching star shape adds a unique touch to any piece.
  • Durable material ensures long-lasting wear.

Perfect for creating one-of-a-kind bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Introducing our beadable keychains, perfect for those who love to create and customize their own accessories! These keychains are made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity.

  • Easy to bead: Our keychains come with a secure clasp that makes it easy to add your favorite beads or charm.
  • Creative expression: With endless beading possibilities, you can express your unique style on a daily basis.
  • Gifting made easy: Our beadable keychains make for great gifts that are both personal and practical.

Whether you’re an experienced jewelry maker or just starting out, these keychains are the perfect canvas for your creativity. So go ahead and add a personal touch to your keys!

Upgrade your writing experience with our beadable pens!

  • Customizable Design: Create your own unique pen by adding beads or charms to the barrel.
  • Smooth Writing: Our pens are designed with a high-quality ballpoint, ensuring a smooth and consistent writing experience.
  • Variety of Colors: Choose from a range of colors to match your personal style or mood.

Add some personality to your stationary collection with our beadable pens. The customizable design allows you the freedom to create a pen that is truly unique. Simply slide on beads or charms onto the barrel and you’re ready to go!

But don’t let its stylish exterior fool you – this pen is also designed for optimal performance. With its high-quality ballpoint, it provides smooth and consistent writing every time. Plus, it’s available in multiple colors so you can choose one that matches your personality or mood.

Elevate your stationary game with our beadable pens today!

Our Wholesale Teething Beads are the perfect solution for parents looking for safe and stylish options to soothe their little ones during the teething stage.

  • Safe and Non-Toxic: Made from high-quality materials, our teething beads are free from harmful chemicals and toxins, ensuring your baby’s safety.
  • Stylish Design: Our beads come in a range of modern designs to suit any style or preference.
  • Easy to Clean: Simply wipe with a damp cloth or wash with soap and water for hassle-free cleaning.

Our wholesale pricing options make it easy for businesses or individuals looking to purchase in bulk. Whether you’re a small business owner, child care provider, or just want to stock up on gifts for baby showers, our teething beads are a great choice.

Material Description:

100% Food grade silicone material

100% Non-Toxic

BPA Free


Cadmium Free

Phthalates Free

PVC Free

Great for Crafts, jewelry making.


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