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Teething Bracelets

Teething bracelets are a great and fashionable way to help your little relieve teething pain. Our chewable bracelets are made of food grade silicone. You can also get each of these silicone teething bracelets personalized with name, nickname, and more!

These are NOT Amber teething bracelets.  Silicone is safe from toxins and harmful chemicals so you can buy this jewelry to soothe your babies and their gums. You can also buy a rainbow style so your little one can get excited about wearing this teething jewelry. If you don’t think your little one would like to have something around their wrist, there are other options, including teething pendant necklaces for childrenadult teething necklaces with silicone chewable beadssilicone teething pendants, and even silicone teething beads clips. No matter how your child wants to wear them, SillyMunk has you covered!