Silicone Raccoon Teething Pendants

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Silicone Teething Pendants

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Our Silicone Teething Pendants are perfect for soothing your little one’s sore gums.

  • Safe and Durable: Made of high-quality silicone that is safe for your baby to chew on and will last through all their teething stages.
  • Stylish Design: Our pendants come in a variety of fashionable colors and designs that are sure to complement any outfit.
  • Easy to Clean: Simply wash with soap and water or toss in the dishwasher for hassle-free cleaning.

The pendants also make great sensory tools, providing tactile stimulation for babies as they explore different textures with their mouths.

The convenient size makes them easy to grab on the go, ensuring your little one always has something safe and soothing within reach. Order yours today!