Teal Silicone Personalized Teething Pacifier Clip

Silicone Teething Clips

SillyMunk strives to help you and your little one during the difficult times associated with teething, all our clips are made of food grade silicone. The silicone teething clips are bpa and phthalate free. These silicone teething beads clips help for pain relief and keeping track of teethers and pacifiers. Our variety allows you to find that perfect solution. Along with silicone, you can also find ones with a chewable wooden piece.

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Teether and Pacifier Clips


There are few things more frustrating in the moment when your baby or young child is having teething pain and you are rushing around, desperately searching to locate that elusive teether or pacifier. These clips are not just practical, they are stylish as well. Choose from a variety of animals, including elephants, cows, raccoons and more.


Don’t just stop at these amazing products. Attack teething pain with a full arsenal, including: