children teething necklaces

Children's Teething Necklaces

Provide teething pain relief for your little with our teething pendant necklaces for children. These are ones that the kids wear themselves. You can also use these pieces of teething jewelry for autistic children as well.

Choose one or all of our teething necklaces to help teething babies, children, and autistic kids too. Get a personalized fidget necklace as sensory jewelry. You can also purchase a silicone chewable necklace, which can be personalized. These necklaces have knots in between, and you SHOULD NOT BUY THEM WITHOUT THE KNOTS!


If your child seems not to like having something around their neck, you can wear one yourself with our teething necklaces with silicone chewable beads. Other options include silicone teething beads clipbaby teething bracelets, and silicone teething pendants.