Silicone Pink Baby Girl bottle beads | High Quality CRAFT SUPPLY | Silicone beads set of 5


Silicone Pink Baby Girl bottle beads | High Quality CRAFT SUPPLY | Silicone beads set of 5

This high-quality craft supply set includes five silicone Silicone Pink Baby Girl bottle beads that are perfect for a variety of DIY projects.

  • Durable Material: Made from durable silicone material, these beads are perfect for creating long-lasting and reusable crafts.
  • Vibrant Blue Color: The vibrant pink color of these beads will add a fun and playful touch to your crafts.
  • Safe to Use: These silicone bottle beads are safe to use and free from harmful chemicals, making them ideal for use in children’s toys or other products that may come into contact with the skin or mouth.

You can use these versatile silicone Silicone Pink Baby Girl bottle beads in a variety of ways, including as accents on jewelry pieces or as decorative elements on clothing and accessories.

Incorporate them into your next DIY project to add an extra touch of color and creativity!

This set of 5 pink silicone beads is the perfect addition to any crafting project.

  • High Quality Material: Made of high-quality silicone, these beads are durable and long-lasting.
  • Eye-Catching Color: The vibrant pink color of these beads will add a pop of color to any project.
  • Easy to Use: The beads are easy to thread and can be used for a variety of crafting projects.

Whether you’re making jewelry, keychains, or other DIY projects, these Silicone Pink Baby Girl bottle beads will add the perfect touch. Plus they’re safe for kids too!

This is a must-have for any parent or caregiver looking for safe and versatile toys for their little one! Our Silicone Pink Baby Girl bottle beads are perfect for teething, sensory play, and developing fine motor skills.

    • 100% silicone
    • Soft and chewable
    • BPA-free, phthalate-free, lead-free
    • Easy to clean with warm soapy water or in the dishwasher (top rack only)

The unique design of the beads allows them to be easily grasped by little hands. The soft texture of the silicone provides relief to sore gums during teething. They also make a great addition to sensory bins and can help develop hand-eye coordination.

These baby boy beads are durable enough to withstand daily use by active little ones. They come in a variety of colors that will attract your baby’s attention while also stimulating their developing senses.

Pick up these silicone baby boy beads today and give your child an engaging toy that is both fun and safe!

Introducing our Beadable Pens – the perfect addition to your baby shower gifts! These pens are not only functional but also customizable, allowing you to create a unique and personalized gift for your loved ones.

  • Functional and stylish
  • Beadable design for customization
  • Perfect for baby shower gifts

The beadable design of these pens allows you to add your own personal touch by creating a custom beaded pattern. You can choose from a variety of beads, colors, and patterns to create a pen that matches the recipient’s style.

In addition, these Beadable Pens are functional too! They write smoothly and will be a useful tool in any new mom’s daily routine. They will appreciate the thoughtfulness put into such an elegant yet practical gift.

  • Makes an excellent keepsake item
  • A unique way to celebrate motherhood!


This elegant writing instrument is not only useful but also makes an excellent keepsake item. It serves as a reminder of such special moments in one’s life when they received it as well as the endearing memories that come with motherhood.

In conclusion, our Beadable Pens are perfect for anyone looking for functional yet customizable presents that celebrate motherhood. Order now or get yours today!

Material Description:

100% Food grade silicone material

100% Non-Toxic

BPA Free


Cadmium Free

Phthalates Free

PVC Free

Great for Crafts, jewelry making.


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