Dazzling Pink Rhinestone spacers Beads For Bracelet Pendant Jewelry Pen Accessories set of 5


pink rhinestone spacers

Pink cubic zirconia Rhinestone spacer Beads For Bracelet Pendant Jewelry Accessories DIY beadable pens set of 5

These pink rhinestone spacers are a perfect addition to any jewelry-making project!

  • Eye-catching pink color
  • Intricate rhinestone detailing

Add a touch of glamour to your bracelets or necklaces with these stunning spacers. The delicate rhinestones are carefully crafted and placed for maximum sparkle and shine. The beautiful pink hue is perfect for adding a pop of color to your designs.

Whether you’re creating dainty pieces or bold statement jewelry, these spacers are versatile enough to elevate any piece. Use them as accents between beads or charms, or create an entire piece with just these stunning little gems!

This set of 5 spacer beads is perfect for adding a touch of elegance and functionality to your jewelry designs.

  • Set includes 5 beads
  • Designed to provide spacing between other beads or charms

The sleek and minimalist design makes these spacer beads versatile and easy to incorporate into any jewelry piece. Whether you’re creating a necklace, bracelet, or earrings, these spacers will add just the right amount of polish.

Made with high-quality materials, these spacer beads are both durable and stylish. Upgrade your jewelry-making game with this must-have set!

Material: Clay & Rhinestones

Shape: Round

Great for jewelry making and pens!

This set of 5 Cubic Zirconia Pink Rhinestones spacers Beads is perfect for those who enjoy making their own Bracelets, Pendants or even Pens. The beads are made to fit any jewelry or accessory that requires spacers.

  • Sparkling Cubic Zirconia: The white rhinestones on the beads give off a beautiful shimmer that catches the eye.
  • Durable: These beads are made to last and withstand any wear and tear.

If you’re someone who loves creating unique pieces of jewelry, then these black rhinestone spacer beads are a must-have for your collection. With their sleek black color and elegant design, they’re sure to add an extra touch of sophistication to any bracelet or pendant you create.

  • Jewelry Making Supplies: These spacer beads fall under the category of DIY Supplies Type for Jewelry Making enthusiasts

The set comes with 5 pieces so you’ll have enough to create multiple accessories or keep as backup in case one goes missing. Don’t miss out on these stunning Cubic Zirconia white Rhinestones spacers Beads!

Create beautiful and unique jewelry pieces with these Pink Rhinestone Spacer Beads!

  • Sparkling Rhinestones: These beads are adorned with beautiful pink rhinestones that add a touch of glamour to any design.
  • Versatile: Use them as spacers or accents in bracelets, necklaces, earrings, or any other jewelry project you have in mind.
  • Set of 5: This set includes five pink rhinestone spacer beads so you can create multiple pieces of jewelry with a cohesive look.

Perfect for beading and jewelry making enthusiasts, the DIY supplies type for this product is beads making. Add these Pink Rhinestone Spacer Beads to your collection today and create stunning pieces that reflect your personal style!


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