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Signs Your Baby is Teething

Signs Your Baby is Teething

Feb 15th 2014

Just because your baby doesn’t baby have teeth, doesn’t mean they are not teething. All of my children had different symptoms associated with teething. My first child, I had no idea she was teething. There was never any crying or chewing on hands. I was a new mom and always wondered when was the crying and screaming coming? The only sign I had was the pacifier was used a lot.

My second child loved to put anything his mouth but I figured that was just a baby being a baby, but he still preferred the pacifier.

My third child hands down has been teething since 3 months. He is always sucking on his hands and loves the teething mitten, he wants to nurse a lot and the teething necklaces are great for that because he has something to reach for while nursing. , He loves to chew on teethers. Anything he can grab he will suck for hours on it. The teething clips are great because I can attach to our baby carriers, car seats, baby bouncers etc. So we never lose the teether.

While I may have been blessed on the teething front it can be a time of great frustration. There are many common symptoms related to teething and many different ways on how to help soothe your little one during this time.

When Does Teething start for babies?

Teething usually starts around three to eight months with the lower front teeth and continues until 2- 3 years old when the last set of molars appear. During the teething process there are different symptoms that can include irritability, disrupted sleep, chewing on hands and the swelling or inflammation of the gums, drooling, loss of appetite, rashes around the mouth, mild temperature, diarrhea, increased biting and gum-rubbing and the most common thing you will see babies chew on baby teethers. These teething pendants are great because they have bumps and grooves on them to help soothe sore gums.

Signs your baby is probably teething if they are crankier than usual. You might notice him fussing, or wanting to be held or comforted more often.

Drools all the time. Teething can stimulate drooling and many babies drool a lot! Expect some slobber as teeth begin pushing outward. More than half of all babies’ drool when teething. Sometimes all that extra saliva can cause a rash to develop on the chin, cheeks, and neck.

Chewing on baby teethers is more common to help gum irritation. It affects more than 85% of teething babies. Sillymunks teething clips and pendants have raised sensory bumps that help to soothe and ease the pain associated with teething.

Your child may respond by biting or chewing on toys or other objects. Or you may see them rubbing their gums or cheeks. They may feel better after chewing or sucking on teething pacifier clip, teething ring or necklace.

You baby could have a slightly raised temperature or is less interested in solids. If your baby has already started on solid foods, you may notice that they want them less in the days leading up to a new tooth. Just remember that every baby is different in this process and all we can do is try to help them through the process and why not have stylish and personalized items to go with it?

The counter pressure from biting on practically anything can alleviate the pressure from under the gums. Our teething products are commonly purchased and helps soothe the little one’s teeth. Please be careful when using amber necklaces or other pop up teething companies. It is unsafe to put any object around your child’s neck, especially tiny little rocks that are not safely knotted in between in the case of accidental breakage.

Here at Sillymunk we have taken pride in making sure our clips, necklaces, bracelets are made of the finest materials and are all given the love and attention to knot each item in between for added safety for almost 10 years. We are one of the leading suppliers on Zulily for our teething products. Every day we are customizing each clip, necklace or bracelet to fit your needs.

Enjoy this time with your little one. It goes by really fast.